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Tips for Hiring The Caregiver These set of general questions can aid in discovering the personality, character, and compatibility of your candidate. Question 1: Could you describe what qualities you think a good caregiver should have and why you think you would be the right match? Question 2: What motivated you to apply for the position of a caregiver? Question 3: What inspired you to apply to work with this care? Question 4: What aspect of working with seniors makes you most passionate? Question 5: Could you tell me about a personal or work-related goal that you have and what steps you are taking to achieve it? Question 6: Share with me an instance when you displayed one of the core values of your caregiver career. Question 7: What part of the job do you think is most likely to be stressful or discouraging? Question 8: Can you describe the best day you've ever had at work and what made it so good? Question 9: How do you keep yourself motivated during tough times at work? Question 10: What is your greatest personal achievement outside of work that you are proud of?
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